GTU Degree Civil Engineering Sem 6 Syllabus

GTU Degree Civil Engineering Sem 6 Syllabus
DownloadSub. NameCategory
3160001Design Engineering II BProject Work
3160002Contributor Personality Development ProgramPersonality development Elective
3160003Integrated Personality Development CoursePersonality development Elective
3160608Urban Transportation PlanningProfessional Elective – II
3160610Water Resources Engineering and HydrologyProfessional Core
3160611Environmental EngineeringProfessional Core
3160612Design of Reinforced Concrete structuresProfessional Elective – II
3160613Rock Mechanics and TunnelingProfessional Elective – II
3160614Contracts ManagementProfessional Elective – II
3160615Traffic Engineering and ManagementProfessional Elective – III
3160616Foundation EngineeringProfessional Elective – III
3160617Construction Equipment and AutomationProfessional Elective – III
3160618Open Channel flowProfessional Elective – III
3160619Soft Computing TechniquesOpen elective – II
3160620Instrumentation and SensorsOpen elective – II
3160621Earthquake EngineeringProfessional Elective – III
3160622Disaster ManagementOpen Elective – II

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