Difference Between Permeability And Transmissibility of Soil

➤ Permeability is a property of porous materials that is an indication of the ability for fluids (gas or liquid) to flow through them➤ Transmissibility describes the ability of the aquifer to transmit groundwater throughout its entire saturated thickness
➤ The coefficient of permeability is denoted by ‘k’➤ The coefficient of transmissibility is denoted by ‘T’
➤ The coefficient of permeability (k) equals to shape constant (C) multiplied by the square of effective particle size (D10)2➤ The coefficient of transmissibility (T) equals the coefficient of permeability (k) multiplied by the aquifer thickness (b)
➤ k = C*(D10)2➤ T = k*b
➤ Unit of Coefficient of permeability is m / sec➤ Unit of Coefficient of transmissibility is m2 / sec
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