Urban Transportation Planning Study Materials, GTU Degree Civil Sem 6

3160608 – Urban Transportation Planning Study Materials

Define: Mobility, Accessibility, Through Trip. (Chapter – 1) (Winter 2022)
Briefly explain urban class group. (Chapter – 1) (Winter 2022)
Explain the terms: Screen line checks and Cordon line checks. (Chapter – 3) (Winter 2022)
Write a short note on Travel demand forecasting. (Chapter – 4) (Winter 2022)
Write short note on All or nothing assignment method. (Chapter – 4) (Winter 2022)
Write short note on Diversion curve method. (Chapter – 4) (Winter 2022)
➤ Define urban area and rural area. (Winter 2022)
➤ Enlist and explain the objectives of Transportation planning. (Winter 2022)
➤ Draw a flow chart and explain various steps involved in transportation. (Winter 2022)
➤ What is zoning? Discuss the points to be kept in mind while doing zoning. (Winter 2022)
➤ Explain role of transportation at national, regional and urban level. (Winter 2022)
➤ What is urbanization? Discuss merits and demerits of urbanization. (Winter 2022)
➤ What is BRTS? Write advantages and disadvantages of it. (Winter 2022)
➤ What is sampling? Discuss various type of samplings. (Winter 2022)
➤ Write a short note on Urban Goods Movement. (Winter 2022)
➤ Describe corridor identification and screen line identification. (Winter 2022)
➤ Discuss the levels of urban transportation planning with neat sketch. (Winter 2022)
➤ What are the applications of O-D survey data? Enlist different methods of conducting O-D survey and explain any one in detail stating its advantages and disadvantages. (Winter 2022)
➤ Discuss the various growth factor methods with their advantages and Disadvantages. (Winter 2022)
➤ Define Trip. Explain the various factors governing the rate of trip generation and Trip attraction. (Winter 2022)
➤ Briefly explain urban mass rapid transit system with their advantages and disadvantages. (Winter 2022)
➤ Explain basic road patterns in the urban area with the help of sketches. (Winter 2022)
➤ What do you mean by Para-transit? Explain the various types of Para-transit. (Winter 2022)

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