AMC Assistant Technical Supervisor Old Paper Test 2023


AMC Assistant Technical Supervisor Old Paper Test 2023 (Exam Date :- 09/07/2023)

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For a public building having storey height of 3.0 m, how many treads would be required if GDCR permits maximum riser of 12 cm ?

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Which IS Code is used for design loads for buildings and structures for Earthquake Force ?

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Which one of the following is not required in concrete mix-design?

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Which is not a type of estimate?

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Which is not the time estimate in PERT?

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When exposed to fire, concrete has very little strength left after

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A fire detector cannot detect

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The number of bricks needed to carry out 1 cubic meter of brick work is

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Barbed wire fencing and rolling shutter are measured respectively in which unit ?

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Which of the following is associated with use of high carbon steel?

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What is the function of Lug angles?

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If Φ = 26° then suggested shear failure in the soil is

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What is the effective length of column recommended by code for a column hinged at both ends?

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Calculate the residential waste generated by a city in kilograms per day, which has a population of 2.75 lakhs and waste generation rate of 0.21 kg/capita/day.

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The approximate ratio between the strengths of concrete cube at 7 days and at 28 days is

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What roller is better for compacting granular material in wide area ?

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Which criteria is correct to determination of allowable bearing pressure of a foundation?

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The permissible stresses in rivets under wind/earthquake load conditions as per IS:800 can be exceeded by

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GDCR stands for

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Leachate is colored liquid that comes out of

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Poisson's ratio can be represented as

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The strain on the boom of a hoist is minimum when it is in the

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Side face reinforcement as per IS:456 - 2000 should be provided, when depth of a beam exceeds

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Which statement is not true in the case of surveying?

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Read the following statements in relation to concrete pavement :

1. Pavement slab is constructed using pavement quality concrete (PQC)

2. Contraction joints are essentially transverse joints provided during the construction of concrete pavements

3. Longitudinal joints are provided in concrete pavement if its width exceeds 5.0m

Which option is correct ?

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In-site bulk density for cohesionless soils can be determined by

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Which is not true in the case of specification ?

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Which IS codes gives details about elevators?

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As per IS classification system, size of silt particle is

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Which one of the following methods is used for disposal of garbage from hospital?

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Which method is not applied to determine area of a longitudinal strip of road?

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What are the latest technologies used in construction?

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If P is the axial load and Pu is the factored axial load on the footing, area of footing required is

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On what parameters does Municipal Solid waste generation of a city depend on ?

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The value at the end of utility period without being dismantled is termed as

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Which formula is not used in the hydraulic design of pressure pipe?

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Which one of the following is not an anthropogenic cause of air pollution?

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Which is not the function of road arboriculture?

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The maximum number of passenger cars that can pass a given point on a lane or roadway during one hour under nearly ideal roadway and traffic condition is termed as

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Which chain is used in cadastral survey or public land survey ?

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Which test is not conducted to evaluate the properties of bitumen binders?

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Which is not a method of plane table Surveying?

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80/100 or 30/40 grade bitumen indicate which values?

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Read the the following statements for the case of compass surveying,

1. The difference between fore bearing and back bearing of a line is always 180° in whole circle bearing system

2. The numerical value of back bearing differs by 90° from its fore bearing in the case of reduced bearing system

3. Angle of dip is 0º at equator

4. The imaginary line joining the points of equal magnetic declination is called isogonic line

Which option is correct?

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Which of the following test is used to determine the bond strength of the surface repairs?

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Which rule is adopted for numbering the events of a project network?

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MSW quantity, composition, and other characteristics are NOT based on _______

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Which is not a method of speed and delay studies?

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According to Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, recyclable waste bins are denoted by which colour?

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Read the following statements :

1. The presence of nitrogen in the water indicates the presence of organic matter in the water

2. The residual chlorine presence can be determined by zeolite process

3. The most probable number (MPN) is one number in 100 ml of water

4. The permissible limit of chloride in water is 300 ppm

Which option is correct ?


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Which of the following instrument is used for setting out 45° on chain line?

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Earthquake resistance of masonry building can be enhanced by

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Kirti Toran is located in

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Read the following statements in relation to network methods PERT and CPM

1. In CPM cost is direct controlling factor

2. In CPM time is direct controlling factor

3. In PERT cost is direct controlling factor

4. In PERT time is direct controlling factor

Which option is correct?

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Which is not a type of transition curve provided in pavement ?

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Which is not the function of transition curve in the horizontal alignment?

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What is the correct sequence of operations involved in concrete production?

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What is the purpose of Carbonation test of concrete member? To determine

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Which method of curing of concrete is recommendable for rapid gain of strength of concrete?

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No parking or No stopping signs come under category of

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Escape of pore water because of compression due to long term static load is known as

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The correct sequence of component of typical flexible pavement is

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Which is not the functional deterioration of cement concrete pavement ?

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The reason for Efflorescence of bricks is

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Which one of the following is not a not an ingredient of the Epoxy Mortar ?

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What is the moment at mid-span for a fixed beam of span L subject to udl w/unit length?

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What is the quantity of water added to one bag of cement if the water cement ratio prescribed is 0.4?

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A raft foundation is provided when the area of foundations exceed the plan area of the building by more than

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The best suited cement for marine works is

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Bar A has diameter d and bar B has diameter 2d. Both of them having same length and are made up of same material. If they are subjected to same axial load P, the ratio of elongation of bar A to elongation of bar B is

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Read the following statements in relation of quality of waste water :

1. Biochemical oxygen demand of sewage is the quantity of oxygen required for biochemical oxidation of decomposable matter

2. The chemical oxygen demand is a measure of presence of carbon in the organic matter of sewage

3. Chloride in the sewage can be determined by titration with standard silver nitrate solution

Which one is correct option ?

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The elevation of various points across the center line of a road is obtained in

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What is the collective term for the physical problems such as cracks, spalls, staining in structures?

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Which one of the following parameters is not included in the routine characterization of solid waste for its physical composition?

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Moment of inertia of a rectangular beam of width b & depth d about its top of width is

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Which component is considered as Non - Structural Component in RCC structure?

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Which factor does not affect the stopping sight distance ?

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Identify the correct sequence for the theory of filtration in water treatment process :

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What is the permissible limit of iron and manganese in potable water ?

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Black cotton soil has properties of

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If L = length of transition curve and R = Radius of curve.

The correct expression for shift of transition curve is

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What is the height of Statue of Unity?

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The strength of timber is maximum when load is applied

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In a building, to provide ultimate comfort to occupants _______ can be used.

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Which of the following famous monumental place is not located in Gujarat?

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Which water distribution system is suitable for town having rectangular layout of roads ?

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What is the general design life (in years) of capital-intensive infrastructure projects?

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Diagonal crack at the support of simply supported beam is

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What is the maximum limit of super-elevation in plain and rolling terrains taking mixed traffic into consideration?

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Which statement is not true in the case of PERT analysis?

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Which is not the method of disinfection of water?

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"Before and after studies" in case of accident study falls under which measure for the reduction of accident rate?

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The staff readings of point B taken from tacheometer installed at point A are 0.5m, 0.7m and 0.9m. What will be the distance between point A and B? (Consider tacheometer constants equal to 100 and zero)

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Calculate the maximum total waste in kilograms carried by a refuse collection vehicle of 20 cu.m. capacity in 2 trips. Consider the density of collected waste as 500 kg/cu.m.

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Which rock has primary source as magma ?

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Which Gujarati architect contributed in planning of Central Vista project New parliament Building?

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The true bearing of line is 124°. What is its magnetic bearing if magnetic declination is 2°E?

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Which of the following statement is incorrect in relation of project cost ?

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Which is not an advantage of a traffic rotary?

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What is the percentage increase in load carrying capacity of column when helical reinforcement is provided as a transverse reinforcement?

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