Soil Mechanics PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering Previous Year

1. For determining the shear strength parameters of soil in the laboratory which of the following test has to be done?

A) Triaxial compression test

2. The maximum bulking of sand is likely to occur at a moisture content of

A) 5%

3. Major principal stress in a soil is represented by the symbol

A) σ1

4. The soil transported by wind is called

A) Aeolian soil

5. The relationship between void ratio e and porosity n is

B) n = e/(1+e)

6. Density index of soil is denoted by

emax – max. void ratio

emin – min. void ratio

e – natural void ratio

A) (emax – e)/(emax – emin)

7. In Geotechnical engineering, void ratio is defined as ratio of:

C) (volume of voids) /(volume of solid)

8. For a soil sample the void ratio of 0.6, it’s porosity is

B) 37.5%

9. Stoke’s law is valid only if the particle size is

C) between 0.2 mm to 0.0002 mm

10. Read the following statements

(I) The liquid limit (LL) can be more than 100%

(II) The shear strength of all the soils at plastic is the same

C) Only (I) is correct

11. The atterberg limit test is carried out :

D) To find its liquid and plastic limit

12. Casagrande equipment is used for measurement of property of

A) soil

13. A fine grained soil has liquid limit of 60 and plastic limit of 20. As per the plasticity chart of classification, the soil is represented by the letter symbol


14. The silt has range of size is

A) 0.002 – 0.075 mm

15. As per Indian standard soil classification, silt is symbolized as _______

D) M

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