Structural Analysis PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering

1. Which of the following is correct in respect of the influence line for the bending moment at ¼ of the span from left support of a prismatic beam simply supported at ends?

A) It is composed of straight lines only

2. To draw qualitative ILD of indeterminate structure, which of the following concept is used?

C) Muller-Breslau’s Principle

3. The forces in the members of simple trusses may be analysed by

(i) Graphical method

(ii) Method of joints

(iii) Method of sections

D) (i), (ii) and (iii)

4. When loads are applied proportionately to a frame structure having its members in one plane, the structure is called

B) plane frame

5. If in a pin-jointed plane frame m + r > 2j, then the frame is

B) Stable and statically indeterminate

6. For a given loading the deflections of an indeterminate structures are generally _______ than those of its statically determinate structure counterpart

C) smaller

7. Which of the following methods of structural analysis is a force method?

B) Column analogy method

8. The maximum bending moment due to moving load on a simply supported beam occurs

B) under the load


D) શામળદાસ ગાંધી


A) કંડલા


C) અનસુયાબેન


A) ડભોઈનો કિલ્લો – ચૌલાદેવી


A) નાગભટ્ટ-II


A) ભાવનગર


C) ઔરંગઝેબ

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