Solid Mechanics PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering Previous Year

1. The neutral axis of the cross-section a beam is that axis at which bending stress is

C) zero

2. Product EI is called

A) Flexural rigidity

3. A simply supported beam A carries a point load at its mid span. Another identical beam B carries the same load but uniformly distributed over the entire span. The ratio of the maximum deflection of the beams A and B will be

A) 8/5

4. The maximum deflection of a cantilever beam of length ‘l’ with a uniformly distributed load of ‘W’ per unit length is ________

B) (Wl^3)/(8EI)

5. In principal planes,

B) shear stress is zero

6. Polar modulus of shaft is ratio of:

A) (Polar moment of inertia)/(Maximum radius)

7. In a circular shaft subjected to pure torsion, the maximum shear stress occurs at

D) the surface

8. What will be the circumferential stress developed in case of thin cylindrical pipe with diameter ‘d’ and thickness ‘t’ subjected to internal pressure ‘P’.

C) Pd/2t

9. In closely coiled helical spring carrying an axial load ‘W’, diameter of the rod of the spring ‘d’, and ‘R’ is the mean radius of the coil. Every section of the rod is subjected to a torque ‘WR’. Maximum shear stress at any section of the rod is _______, spring consists of ‘n’ turns.

A) 16WR/(πd^3)

10. The ratio of the lateral strain to the linear strain is called

D) Poisson’s Ratio

11. When body is subjected to three mutually perpendicular stresses of equal intensity, the ratio of direct stress to the corresponding volumetric strain is known as

C) Bulk Modulus

12. As the elastic limit reaches, tensile strain

A) increases more rapidly

13. Every material obeys the Hook’s law within its

C) Limit of Proportionality

14. A steel rod of 2cm diameter and 5m long is subjected to an axial pull of 3000 kg. If E = 2.1 × 106 N/mm², the elongation of the rod will be

B) 0.2275 mm

15. Along the principal plane subjected to maximum principal stress

A) shear stress is zero

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