Strength of Materials PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering (Page 1)

1. The material in which large deformation is possible before the absolute failure by rupture takes place is known as

A) Ductile

2. It is generally assumed that the cable is _______

A) Perfectly flexible

3. The cable takes _______ shape while it resists the loads

D) Funicular curve

4. The spring constant of a helical compression spring does not depend on

B) material strength

5. When there is a reduction in amplitude over every cycle of vibration, then the body is said to have _______

C) damped vibration

6. A beam is said to be of uniform strength if the

C) bending stress is same throughout the beam

7. If the areas of cross-section of a square beam and a circular beam subjected to equal bending moments are same then _______

B) square beam is more economical

8. Web crippling is caused by

B) failure of web under point loads

9. Which of the following material has a property of malleability?

D) Copper,Lead

10. Poisson Ratio of steel in elastic range is :

C) 0.3

11. If the bulk modulus K, and modulus of rigidity G are given then what will be the Poisson’s ratio.

A) (3K – 2G)/(6K + 2G)

12. If a metal bar fixed at both ends is cooled by reducing the temperature by 30°C, the nature of the stress developed in the bar will be

C) Tensile

13. Total energy possessed by a system of moving bodies

A) is constant at every instant

14. A 10 cm gauge length is marked on a tensile test specimen which has a working area of 1.0 cm^2. A force of 10 kN is applied to the specimen and with that load still applied, the gauge length is found to be 10.1 cm. The modulus of the material is

D) 10 GPa

15. In a simple bending theory, one of the assumption is that the material of the beam is isotropic. This assumption means that the

C) elastic constant are same in all the directions

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