Building Materials PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering (Page – 1)

1. Which of the instruments is needed for testing the fineness of the cement?

C) Air permeability apparatus

2. Small fissures or hollows in a stone which renders it liable to decomposition are called

D) vents

3. Surface of a stone perpendicular to the line of pressure is known as

A) bed surface

4. The approximate % of calcium oxide in fat lime is

A) 90 – 95%

5. The lime is called as poor lime when % of clay is

C) > 30%

6. The weight of glass sheet used for panel should be

B) > 7.5 kg/m²

7. The nominal thickness of glass available in market ranges in between

A) 3.0 – 6.3 mm

8. Following plastic material is used to make building floors less susceptible to wear & tear

B) PVC & polyethylene

9. Plastic materials that exhibit excellent fatigue resistance is/are


10. In mild steel carbon percentage ranges in between

A) 0.15 – 0.25%

11. Tensile strength of Kevlar-29 fibre used in FRP is

A) 2860 MPa

12. Ceramics can easily withstand in high temperatures between

A) 400 – 550°C

13. Density of Aluminium is

B) 2.7 g/cm³

14. Specific Gravity of Fly Ash is in the range of

A) 2.1 to 3.0

15. Tensile strength of timber parallel to the fibres is in the range of

B) 80 – 190 N/mm²

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