Structural Analysis PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering (Page 1)

1. Muller Breslau principle in structural analysis is used for

(i) drawing Influence Line Diagram for any force function

(ii) writing virtual work expression

(iii) superposition of load effects

A) Only (i)

2. A simple girder of 20 m span is traversed by a moving udl of 6 m length with an intensity of 20 kN/m from left to right. The maximum bending moment and maximum positive and negative shear forces at section 4 m from left support are ___ , ___ and ___ respectively.

A) 326.4 kN-m, 78 kN and 8 kN

3. Principle of superposition is applicable when

(i) Deflections are linear functions of applied forces

(ii) Material obeys Hooke’s law

(iii) The action of applied forces will be affected by small deformations of the structure

A) Only (i)

4. Unit load method used in structural analysis is

D) derived from Castigliano’s theorem.

5. Shape of each Mode of free vibration is unique so the corresponding amplitude of Eigen Vectors is

D) Undefined

6. An influence line for shear force moment shows the

C) variation of the shear force at one section caused by a moving load over the entire structure

7. The considerable change in the suspended cable with change in the position of moving loads is prevented by using

D) Stiffening girder

8. In a suspended cable

(i) the bending moment can be reduced by increasing the pull

(ii) the tension is constant throughout

(iii) the bending moment is zero everywhere

A) Only (i)

9. Propped cantilever of span L is subjected to a moment +M at the propped end, the fixed end moment at the fixed end will be

C) –M/2

10. Statically determinate structure can be analysed by

(i) Equilibrium equations

(ii) Stress-strain consideration

(iii) Compatibility considerations

A) Only (i)

11. Shape factor for the rectangular section is

B) 1.5

12. The tension coefficient of any member is

C) Tension in that member divided by length of member

13. Most numerical techniques in computer aided analysis are based on the

B) Principle of discretization

14. The maximum acceleration which is experienced by the ground during shaking is known as

B) Peak ground acceleration

15. According to which method, maximum kinetic energy at mean position is equal to maximum potential energy at extreme position?

A) Rayleigh’s method

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