Foundation Engineering PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering

1. In case of well foundations, sinking of the well is facilitated by using _______

B) Circular Wells

2. According to IRC:78-1983, for well foundations the minimum dimension of dredge should be not less than _______

A) 2 m

3. The type of foundation recommended for heavily loaded steel stanchions in soils with poor bearing capacity is

C) grillage foundation

4. A shallow foundation square in shape is placed in a strain for which φ = 0, the Meyerhof’s bearing capacity shape factor for the foundation is

A) 1

5. A pile 0.5 m in diameter is driven in a clay deposit, having an undrained shear strength of 50 kN/m² at the base of the pile. The base capacity of the pile is given by

A) 88.36 kN

6. Negative skin friction in a soil is considered when the pile is constructed through a

A) fill material

7. In the plate load test for finding the bearing capacity of soil, the size of square bearing plate should be

C) 300 mm to 750 mm

8. To resist heavy lateral loads which type of piles are used

D) Batter piles

9. The action of negative skin friction on the pile is

D) reduce the allowable load on pile

10. The ultimate bearing capacity as per Terzhaghis analysis is given by

C) qf = CNc + 0.5γBNγ + γDfNq

11. The standard penetration test value in a deposit of fully saturated fine silty sand was 43. The corrected SPT value for dilatancy

A) 29


A) ડભોઈનો કિલ્લો – ચૌલાદેવી


A) નાગભટ્ટ-II


A) ભાવનગર


C) ઔરંગઝેબ

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