Hydrology and Water Resources PYQs, GPSC Civil (Page – 1)

1. The total depth of the water required by a crop Delta (m) during the entire period the crop is calculated as _______ where B is no. of days, D is Duty in hectares / cumec

B) 8.64 × B / D

2. Humidity can be measured by

C) Both (A) and (B)

3. The ratio of actual rainfall in a year at a place to the normal annual rainfall of that place is called

B) Index of wetness

4. The typical characteristics of convective showers is that they are of

B) High intensity and short duration

5. Equivalent moisture is the water retained by a saturated soil after being centrifuged by a centrifugal force of _______ times that of gravity

C) 1000

6. Dike is also called as

A) Levees

7. Average filtration rate Windex of an area is given by _______ where P = Total precipitation, Q=Total runoff, tr = duration of rainfall in hours

A) (P-Q)/tr

8. Infiltration rate is always

C) equal to or less than the infiltration capacity

9. When an aquifer is overlain by a confined bed of impervious material, this confined bed of overburden is called as

A) Aquiclude

10. The theory of infiltration capacity was evolved by

D) R. E. Horton

11. Incrustation of the tubewell pipes may lead to

A) reduced discharge from the tubewell

12. A watertight enclosure from which water is pumped to expose the bed of a water body in order to permit the construction of a pier or other hydraulic work is called

B) Cofferdam

13. Trap efficiency of reservoir is a function of

A) Capacity/inflow ratio

14. Consumptive use refers to the loss of water as a result of

D) Evaporation and transpiration from the cropped area

15. The moisture tension for a soil is 8 atmospheres. The soil is then at

A) Permanent wilting point

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