Landscape Architecture Online Test 1 (Free)


Landscape Architecture Online Test 1 (Free)

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Which principle of landscape design involves the careful consideration of textures, colors, and forms?

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Which Plant is found only in one geographic location on earth?

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What type of soil is alkaline and contains high levels of calcium carbonate?

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What is the primary source of energy for most ecosystems on Earth?

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What role do wetlands play in the environment?

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Which element of landscape design refers to the two-dimensional outline or silhouette of objects within the landscape?

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What role does water-efficient landscaping play in green building practices?

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Shrubs or trees (usually of the same species) planted closely together in a linear configuration is known as _______

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What role does landscape play in promoting social interaction and community engagement?

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_______ is the average horizontal spread of the tree, taken from dripline to dripline.

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