Building Materials PYQs, GPSC Civil Previous Year Questions

1. The strength of Class-II bricks used in construction shall not be less then

B) 75 kg/cm²

2. Le Chatelier’s device is used for determining the

B) Soundness of cement

3. The quality of cement is tested by

C) compressive strength

4. Which of the following raw material is responsible for controlling the strength and soundness of Portland cement

A) CaO

5. Which test is carried out to know about free limit in cement ?

B) Soundness test

6. Initial setting time of cement shall not be less than _______

B) 30 min.

7. What is the maximum permissible additives in cement for construction as per IS code ?

C) 2%

8. The volume of 50 kg cement bag will be

A) 0.034 m³

9. Which compound has maximum percentage proportion in cement ?

C) C3S

10. Aggregate impact value gives an indication of aggregate ?

D) Toughness

11. The ratio of tensile strength to compressive strength of concrete is about

A) 1/10

12. Rebound hammer test is useful for determination of _______ of hardened concrete

B) compressive strength

13. In fresh concrete, if sugar is added and concrete is mixed. The observed effect is _______

B) delay in setting time of cement concrete

14. Plain cement concrete is strong in taking

D) compressive stress

15. The breaking up of cohesion in a mass of concrete is called

A) segregation

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