Environmental Engineering Study Materials, GTU Degree Civil Sem 6

3160611 – Environmental Engineering Study Materials

➤ Find out how much acidic is sample pH 3.0 compared to pH 6.0. (Winter 2022)
➤ What do you understand by sedimentation with coagulation? (Winter 2022)
➤ Differentiate between temporary hardness and permanent hardness. (Winter 2022)
➤ Explain aerobic decomposition and anaerobic decomposition of sewage. (Winter 2022)
➤ Define: Garbage, Rubbish and Sewage. (Winter 2022)
➤ Draw a house drainage plan for a 3 BHK detached bungalow. (Winter 2022)
➤ Write a short note on composting. (Winter 2022)
➤ What is noise pollution? State the sources of it. (Winter 2022)
➤ Define BOD. Give the significance of BOD test for wastewater. (Winter 2022)
➤ Enlist different chemical characteristics of water and discuss about acidity with their environmental significance. (Winter 2022)
➤ Explain break point chlorination. (Winter 2022)
➤ What do you mean by self-purification? Explain with the sketch the oxygen sag curve. (Winter 2022)
➤ Describe activated sludge process with sketch. (Winter 2022)
➤ Describe trickling filter with sketch. (Winter 2022)
➤ Explain design procedure of septic tank. (Winter 2022)
➤ Explain the effects of air pollution on men, material and animals. (Winter 2022)
➤ Draw a neat flow chart of a Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant. Enlist the function of each unit. (Winter 2022)
➤ What are the different types of pipes used for water supply? Discuss cast iron pipes and concrete pipes in detail. (Winter 2022)
➤ What is an intake structure? Sketch and explain construction and working of a river intake. (Winter 2022)
➤ Sketch and explain construction and working of trickling filter. (Winter 2022)
➤ Give comparison between slow sand filter and rapid sand filter. (Winter 2022)
➤ Write a short note on the layout of distribution systems which are commonly used in India. (Winter 2022)
➤ Explain 1st stage BOD and derive its formula with usual notations Lt = Lo[1 – (10)-Kt] (Winter 2022)
➤ Discuss different methods of sewage disposal. (Winter 2022)
➤ What is sanitary land filling? Describe the different factors to be considered for the site selection of sanitary land filling. (Winter 2022)

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