GPSC AE Civil (GWSSB) Online Test (26/2022-23) Part – 2


GPSC AE Civil (GWSSB) Online Test (26/2022-23) Part - 2

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Expansion joints in masonry walls are generally provided at length interval of more than

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In case of a beam subjected to distributed load, the rate of change of bending moment is _______.

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Angle of inclination of lacing bar as per IS:800-2007 is between _______ degree.

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The black cotton soil is not suitable for foundations because _______

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Total storage capacity of Narmada dam reservoir is around

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An ISMB 400 is used as a beam in a framed structure. If it can be taken as a laterally restrained then its

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Organisms who derive both energy and material from organic compounds are called

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What number of treads will be there in a single flight of stair provided for floor height of 3.0 m with 15 cm height of each riser?

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A beam of span ‘L’ is fixed at both ends and carries a point load ‘W’ at its mid point. At what distance from each support will be the point of contraflexure?

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For maximum negative moment at internal support of a multi-span beam, the arrangements of Dead load(DL) and Live load(LL) shall be

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The cohesionless soil loses _______ on attaining quick condition.

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What is correct as per requirement for Low cost housing generally used in village?
i. Low energy consumption
ii. Use of local material with improved technology
iii. Use of costly and high strength material for long life

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What are the requirements of the investigation for the location of the bridge site ?
i. Technical feasibility study
ii. Techno-economic study
iii. Detailed survey and report

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Which statement is correct in the context of flow net?
i. Used to study irrotational flow
ii. Obtained by plotting a series of stream lines and equipotential lines
iii. Fluid flow is confined within two-dimensional boundaries

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In limit state method, the design strength is calculated as characteristics strength _______.

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Stokes, which is a unit of kinematic viscosity is also equivalent to

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Which is the world’s largest masonry dam ?

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Consider the following activities in building construction:
1. Concreting of roof slab
2. Placing of steel cage
3. Erection of form work for slab
4. Construction of parapet wall
Which one is the correct sequence of constructional activities?

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Which one of following is not a dewatering method used for digging foundation in waterlogged area?

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Which one of the following parameters is not taken into account in Response reduction factor, which is used in the determination of seismic force?

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What is equivalent factor of PCU (passenger car unit) for straight rural roads for small bullock cart ?

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Liquid and plastic limit exists in _______ soil.

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A cross drainage work in which canal flows over the drain/river and HFL of drain/river is higher than canal bed is known as

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Width of carriageway for roads having two lanes with raised kerbs is around

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If plumb line is marked above observers station then upper point on the celestial sphere is called

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The air permeability test is used for finding out _______.

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In a masonry work, single Flemish bond should have at least thickness of

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Which one of the following NDT is most suitable for determining cracks in concrete?

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A prismatic beam fixed at both ends carries a uniformly distributed load. The ratio of bending moment at mid span to bending moment at support is

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What is RB of a line if WCB of that line is 220° ?

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Poisson’s ratio for structural steel is _______.

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Consider the following strengths of concrete :

1. Cube strength

2. Cylinder strength

3. Split-tensile strength

4. Modulus of rupture

The correct sequence in decreasing order of these strengths is

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The effective size, uniformity coefficient and coefficient of curvature are used to define _______.

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The unit of permeability is _______.

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To impart plasticity is a main function of which ingredient?

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Total length of Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway is _______.

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Recommended values of camber for cement concrete road in the area of light to heavy rainfall is

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Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), also known as _______

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Ratio of Bulk modulus of water to Bulk modulus of air is about

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If the cylinder contains 0.3 m³ of air at pressure of 100 kPa, what will be the pressure in that cylinder if this air is compressed to 0.06 m³?

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What is correct in case of Schedule of rates ?
i. It consists rates of different items of works
ii. PWD of state and Central governments maintain printed book of it
iii. Schedule of rates (SOR) are fixed and never revised
iv. Working rates when differ much from schedule of rates (SOR), then rates are revised, generally after three years

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A satellite moves in its orbit around the earth due to

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Safe overtaking sight distance as per IRC for speed of 60 kmph is

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Single stage centrifugal pump delivers 1 m³/s of water against net head of 16 m. What is specific speed of pump if it runs at 800 rpm?

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Properly designed stair should have maximum pitch value of

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Which of the following statements is not true in case of The Ukai Dam situated in Gujarat ?

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Along with famous Sun Temple, Modhera village of Gujarat is also famous for

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Which one of the following is a kinematically determinate structure?

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Installation of draft tube in a reaction turbine helps to

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In the case of plate girder (with fy = 250 MPa), the width to thickness ratio to prevent local buckling for plastic section shall be

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Area under the hyetograph represents

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Slab bridges are used for maximum span of

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Which of the following accessories will cause maximum head loss in pipe flow?

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Minimum DO for survival of Aquatic life and Fishes in water bodies is around

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‘NO STOPPING’ is a _______ sign

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The map of India is divided in _______ seismic zones.

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Which of the following elements are essentially required to provide in a roof and sides of an industrial structure to resist wind force?

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Approximate Range of velocity gradient (G) for design of flash mixer in water treatment plant is

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The actual concrete cover at site should not deviate from the required nominal cover by _______.

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Which statement is not correct related to Measurement Book (MB)?

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Contour rings plotted after contour survey, shows higher RL values in outer rings compared to inner rings represents

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_______ is the ability of a material to resist deterioration over long period of time.

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Head loss in a circular pipe of water supply for a fixed distance is proportional

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A simply supported beam is subjected to uniformly distributed load on whole span. If both supports are made fixed, the reduction in deflection at centre will be

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Upon loading a ductile bar beyond proportional limit, _______ increases more rapidly than the force.

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Which of the following is correct in case of roominess?
i. It means getting maximum benefits from minimum dimensions of the room
ii. As per this length to width ratio of 1.2 to 1.5 is desired
iii. very long length compared to width may create tunnel effect

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The shear force diagram of a beam is shown in the given figure.

The absolute maximum bending moment in the beam is

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A propped cantilever beam having uniform cross-section throughout a span of 4 m carried a uniformly distributed load of 20 kN/m. Reaction at prop will be

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What is design flow for per capita demand of 200 litres/day of a city having population of 240000? Consider Peak factor for variations of demand is 1.5.

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Which of the following is the method used for tunnel construction in soft soil ground ?

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Maximum thickness of boundary layer in a pipe of diameter D is

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As per IRC, minimum height of cushion to be provided in the pipe culverts is

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The Poisson’s ratio of a material which has Young’s modulus of 120 GPa and Shear modulus of 50 GPa is

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Where a fillet weld is applied to the square edge of a part, the size of weld should be at least _______ less than the edge thickness

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The section modulus of a rectangular section is proportional to

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In case of single laced system, the direction of lacing on opposite faces of the column shall be _______

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A brick portion obtained by cutting a brick lengthwise into two pieces is called

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Staff intercept taken on point A is 0.7 m and on point B is 0.6 m from same setting of instrument, what is true with respect to instrument location _______?

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The concrete mix with slump value between 25 and 75 is considered _______ workable.

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Detention time for high rate digestion process is

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Which of the following statements is not correct in case of 3D printing in civil construction ?

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Which statement is correct when pipes are arranged in parallel system in pipe flow?

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Product of modulus of rigidity G and polar moment of inertia J is called

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A joint in which projection is provided in one stone and depression in other stone to prevent sliding is termed as

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What is length of transition curve for maximum super elevation of 400 mm, provided with rate of 1 in 400 ?

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What is RL of top of hill if a flag of 3.5 m length is put over the hill and angle taken by theodolite of top of flag is 45° from a distance of 100 m? BM = 50 m and BS = 1.5 m

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The internal forces in grids are _______.

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Hydraulic mean depth of sewer having diameter of 0.80 m is

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Total numbers of potential conflicts for two-lane roads when both roads are one-way can be estimated as

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Which is correct statement in case of lining of tunnels?
i. It supports the loosened rock pieces during blasting
ii. It gives proper section to the tunnel
iii. It strengthens the weak locations in the tunnel

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With respect to dry weight, first class bricks should not have water absorption more than

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Which statement is correct regarding flood control ?
i. Construction of Levees
ii. Provision of flood wall
iii. Prevention of diversion channels
iv. Construction of storage reservoirs

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Which is correct in case of slack?
i. Slack is negative if latest allowable time is more than earliest expected time
ii. Slack is positive if latest allowable time is less than earliest expected time
iii. Slack is zero if latest allowable time is equal to earliest expected time

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As per IS 456:200, the minimum cement content for Reinforced concrete member with normal weight aggregates of 20 mm nominal maximum size for severe exposure condition is _______.

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In moment distribution method, the unbalanced moment at a joint is distributed to members in _______.

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A mild steel beam develops a bending stress of 80 MPa at a distance of 8 cm from the neutral layer. If E = 200 GPa, the radius of curvature is

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Which class of vehicle live loading shall be considered as per IRC, for design of bridges in select corridors where passage of trailer vehicles carrying stator units, turbines, heavy equipments and machinery may occur occasionally?

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Which of the following water is not available for plant for use?

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At what temperature water is treated as standard fluid in case of specific gravity?

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In field survey, the Prismatic compass measures on the field

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Kaplan turbine is suitable for

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The maximum spacing of shear reinforcement shall not be more than _______ for vertical stirrups.

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Which of the following is not a metamorphic rock?

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Particles released in atmosphere due to incomplete combustion of carbon are called

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As per IS:456-2000, the short term modulus of elasticity of M25 grade of concrete can be assumed to be

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The moment at the intermediate support of a two-span continuous beam of 6 m each with simple support at the ends carrying a uniformly distributed load of 20 kN/m over only left span is (EI is same for both spans)

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Regarding specific gravity which statement is correct?
i. Ratio of specific weight of fluid to specific weight of standard fluid
ii. Ratio of mass density of fluid to mass density of standard fluid
iii. it is dimensionless and have no unit

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The minimum thickness of flat slab shall be _______.

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A compression member may be considered as short when both the slenderness ratios are less than _______.

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Earth work for excavation of foundation of a single room of 4.8 m × 3.6 m for depth of foundation of 1 m and wall thickness of 30 cm is

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If three hinge parabolic arch carries uniformly distributed load on entire span, every section of the arch will resist

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Which is true regarding the following statements?
i. Backwashing is done in RSF
ii. Sludge recirculation is done in activated sludge process
iii. Facultative zone exists in oxidation pond
iv. Trickling filter is an anaerobic process

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Polar moment of inertia of circular section having diameter of 2m is

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Remote sensing techniques make use of the properties of _______ waves emitted, reflected or diffracted by the sensed objects:

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How much percentage of railway track will be elevated through viaduct or bridges in India’s first bullet train project of 508 km between Ahmedabad and Mumbai?

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Which of the following statements can be considered as a disadvantage of modern method of construction (MMC) ?

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Range of wavelength for visible spectrum of EMR used in remote sensing is

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Which statement is incorrect?

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The channel, angle and T sections belong to buckling class _______.

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What is tangent length of a simple circular curve whose radius is 200 m and deflection angle is 90° ?

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Which of the following pairs of cement test and equipment used in that test is not correctly matched ?

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Sensitivity is measure of change in consistency or strength of soil on _______.

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Pathogenic bacteria are usually determined by

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Vertical member of a frame which subdivide a window or door vertically is known as

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For limit state of serviceability, the partial safety factor for Dead load (DL) & Live load (LL) for DL + LL + CL (Crane load) combination is _______.

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Which is not considered a part of 4 Es in road safety measures ?

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Web crippling generally occurs at the point where

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In the analysis of rates used in the estimation and costing of the building, percentage provision for water charges is generally around

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What percentage of total water demand is considered for industrial purposes?

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What is the full form of IGBC?

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If a line AB has FB of 40° and line BC has FB of 10°, then what is included angle between these lines ______?

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A pin-jointed tower truss is loaded as shown in the given figure.

The force induced in the member DF is

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Two people weighing W each are sitting on a plank of length L on the water at L/4 from either end. Neglecting weight of plank, bending moment at the centre of plank is

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In a good brick earth used for making good quality bricks, percentage of silica lies

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A simply supported beam of span L carries two-point loads P at a distance 1/3 from either support. The value of maximum bending moment anywhere in the section will be

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Which type of fund is the Sinking Fund?

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Settling velocity in primary settling tank does not depend on

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What is coefficient of permeability in cm/day for a 1000 cm thick aquifer, which shows transmissibility of 20 m²/day?

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Liquefaction is sudden large decrease of the shearing resistance of _______ soil.

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Main ingredients of Portland cement are

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When high strength deformed bars are used, the reinforcement in either direction in slabs shall not be less than _______% of total cross-sectional area.

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For any beam if NR = No. of Reactions, NM = No. of Members, NJ = No. of joints, then relation between SI and KI is

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The diameter of hole for 16 mm diameter bolt with standard clearance is _______.

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Resonators are used in tunnels for the purpose of

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Noise level generated by rail traffic is around

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Which statement is correct for Change point in levelling ?
i. FS and BS is taken on same staff station
ii. Required when line of sight passes over the staff
iii. Required when line of sight passes under the staff through ground
iv. Used when it is not possible to read staff clearly

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What is scale of a vertical photograph which was taken from an aircraft flying at 2000 m altitude over a hill of 200 m elevation fitted with 200 mm focal length camera?

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Which type of turbine is used in the canal head power house for power generation in Narmada dam ?

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What is incorrect in case of earnest money used in contract?

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A two-hinged arch is _______.

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Cross-section in which the elements buckle locally before reaching yield moment is called _______.

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For a fixed beam with span L and flexural rigidity EI, amount of force required to produce unit vertical displacement at any support is

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When constant rate flow takes place through a tapering pipe then flow is

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In Rankine analysis for lateral earth pressure, the soil deposit is assumed in a state of _______.

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The bending moment used in design of isolated footing supporting RC column shall be computed at _______.

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Geodetic survey compared to Plane survey is treated differently because of

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Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor runs through total distance of _______.

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Which band of the electromagnetic spectrum has ability to penetrate in ground ?

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Proctor’s test is performed to determine _______.

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Which statement of the following violates the road safety rules and regulations in India ?

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Which of the following is incorrectly matched ?

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How old is a particular tree can be found out by knowing the status of

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The spacing between adjacent parallel line of fasteners, in transverse to the direction of load is _______

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The formwork from sides of beams can be removed after _______ days.

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Principal gases produced in anaerobic decomposition of organic solid waste compounds in landfills are

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The function of _______ is to improve the buckling strength of a slender web due to shear

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What is delta of a crop which has base period of 100 days with duty of 2160 hectare/ cumec?

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Which of the following is incorrect statement in case of “Statue of Unity”?

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Percentage of water absorption in a good quality of building stone should be

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If a structure is statically indeterminate to second degree, then maximum number of plastic hinges required to render the structure a mechanism is

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Accelerator reduces _______ time and accelerate rate of hydration.

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To construct brick masonry of one cubic meter, number of bricks required are

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The warning signs should be located on the Expressways for plain and rolling terrain at a distance of

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Which is incorrect in case of the methods used for measurement of average rainfall?

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Side drains arc are provided in hill roads in

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The steel cross-sections, which can develop plastic moment of resistance, but have inadequate plastic hinge rotation capacity for formation of plastic mechanism is called

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If two identical pumps each of capability of delivering discharge Q against head H are connected in series, then resulting discharge is

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Which of the following is not true in case of use of GPS?

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Liquid which is collected after water percolates through solid waste is called

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Dental disease named as mottling of teeth is caused when concentration of fluoride exceeds

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Which one of the following loss do not occur in pretensioned beam?

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Two plates of 16 mm and 14 mm are joined by lap joint with a fillet weld. The maximum size of fillet weld may be

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The equipment used for precise excavation as far as depth of excavation is concerned for utility trenches is

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Which material is not considered as innovative building material in current scenario ?

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In which type of pavement Reflection cracking is generally observed?

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A vertical window provided in sloping roof of building to admit light and air and also to impart architectural view is called

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Type of flooring suitable for theatres and library, where noiseless covering is required is

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Which of the following is used to measure discharge?

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What is width of canal, which has side slope of 0.5 H : 1 V and cross-section area of 42 square meter with depth of canal as 2 m?

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Which is not among Don’ts generally used for driving on roads ?

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What is the expected activity duration for an activity whose optimistic time period is 3 days, most likely time period is 5 days and pessimistic time period is 13 days?

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Minimum percentage of steel provided in the column as per IS:456 is _______ of its gross sectional area.

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The maximum strain energy stored by a member without being permanently strained is _______.

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Which is incorrect in case of unit hydrograph theory?

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Lateral ties in reinforced concrete column are provided to resist

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When activity can be started before completion of predecessor activity, such activity is called

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Soundness of cement means _______.

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For no tension condition, the maximum eccentricity in rectangular foundation of width ‘b’ should not exceed _______.

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Which statement is correct ?
i. Dowel bars are provided at the transverse joint in cement concrete road
ii. Dowel bars maintain slab edges at same level at joints
iii. Tie bars are used across the longitudinal joints of cement concrete road

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The constant head test is used to determine _______ of soil.

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