Solid Mechanics PYQs, GPSC Civil Engineering

1. When there is a sudden increase or decrease in shear force diagram between any location, it indicates that the location has

A) a point load

2. A cantilever beam is the one which is supported with

B) one end fixed and the other free

3. The bending moment in a beam will be maximum when

A) the S.F. is zero

4. In fixed beam (fixed supports at both ends) having ‘l’ span with ‘w’ as uniformly distributed loads, acting in downward direction, then fixed end bending moment at support is _______

A) (wl^2)/12

5. A moment M is applied at the propped end (hinged end) of a propped cantilever beam of span l and flexural rigidity EI. The moment at fixed end is

A) M/2

6. Fixed end moments for a beam fixed at both ends and centrally loaded with a concentrated load P are,

A) -PL/8, PL/8

7. If a cantilever beam is subjected to a point load at its free end, then the shear force under the point load is

C) equal to the load

8. A beam with uniformly distributed load W, over the entire span of l, beam is supported at one end only. What will be bending moment at support?

C) (Wl^2)/2

9. A simply supported beam AB, having eccentric point load P, placed at C, so that AC = a, CB = b, length of beam is l, bending moment at point C is

D) Pab/l

10. Bending moment of simply supported beam carrying a load of w per meter and span L is

C) (wL^2)/8

11. The ratio of moment of inertia to extreme fibre distance is

C) Section Modulus

12. Maximum shear stress in rectangular section is

C) 3V/2bd

13. If a circular shaft is subjected to a torque ‘T’ and bending moment ‘M’, the ratio of maximum bending stress to maximum shear stress is

C) 2M/T

14. The neutral axis of a beam is subjected to _______ stress.

A) zero

15. The section modulus (z) of rectangular beam having width ‘b’ and depth ‘d’ in uniform and isotropic section is:

B) and D) both

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